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Help us replace the bleachers in the Denning Gymnasium.  Each new seat will be wider than before and provide additional leg room while also increasing the total number of seats available.  Every donation counts and is appreciated.  We have particular levels listed below you may consider.  Thank you so much!

Encouraging Artistic Creativity
Students in a fine arts performance at Grace Christian School

Fine Arts at Grace Christian School

Here at GCS in Huntington, WV, there are manifold opportunities for students to showcase the gifts and talents God has given them through our fine arts program. Whether more musically or artistically inclined, students are challenged and encouraged to pursue their passion. We follow a well-rounded approach to education that helps children develop the skills required to serve God and live a Christ-centered life. Through a Christian curriculum, access to fine arts, and leadership opportunities, students feel prepared for graduation and have incredible memories to look back on for life.

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The philosophy of music at Grace Christian School is that of all Christian education – to be like Christ in life and character. The elements of music, melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre reflect the character and works of God. The Bible has many references to music, and music is often mentioned in the Scriptures as one of man’s most common expressions of praise to God. There are many natural melodies, rhythms, and harmonies in creation, and God references them often.

Fine Arts Competition

Opportunities abound at GCS for elementary and secondary students in the fine arts! We offer programs beginning in elementary school for those interested in any of the fine arts. Students then have the opportunity to participate in fine arts competitions.

The five major categories in competition are:

1. Bible

2. Music

3. Speech

4. Art

5. Academics


Students can compete in as many categories as they wish every year. GCS has a strong history of winning at the state level. We have even had multiple winners at the national level!

Reach out to us at 304-522-8635 with any questions!