Partnering With Parents in Christian Education

Take a Seat!

Help us replace the bleachers in the Denning Gymnasium.  Each new seat will be wider than before and provide additional leg room while also increasing the total number of seats available.  Every donation counts and is appreciated.  We have particular levels listed below you may consider.  Thank you so much!

Welcome to Grace Christian School

Grace Christian School serves as a ministry of Grace Gospel Church in Huntington, WV. The school provides a Bible-based education so young people may live successful, Christian lives. By following a Christian curriculum that weaves Christian teachings throughout, students develop the necessary skills to serve God for eternity.

GCS believes that children are gifts from God to parents; therefore, we partner with parents to encourage their children to foster a loving relationship with God. For nearly 50 years, we have maintained a wonderful heritage of academic excellence that focuses not only on educating but educating with a worldview.

The GCS Mission Statement

Acknowledging children as gifts from God to parents, Grace Christian School partners with Bible-believing parents and churches through quality spiritual and academic programs, equipping students to live successful, Christ-centered lives.

Why Grace Christian School Is the Answer

We Partner with Parents

We serve as an extension of the family home and church and uphold the values and morals that are taught in these areas.

We Offer Balance & Direction

Through the classroom, athletics, music, dramas, and social activities, GCS meets the needs of our students in many areas.

We Offer a Blended Atmosphere

Our program teaches the mind and reaches the heart in addition to offering academic classes and extracurricular activities.

Grace Christian School mascot
GCS Has Been the Answer for Many Students

Chronological Calendar

Grace Christian School calendar

Categorical Calendar

Grace Christian School calendar

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association plays a vital role in any school’s spirit, including GCS. Although our alumni have spread out throughout the country, they share a common bond in the traditional beliefs in excellence, Christianity, and friendships made while attending GCS.

If you are a graduate of Grace Christian School and would like more information about the Alumni Association group and its activities, please contact Hillary (Campbell) Mitchell by e-mail – Please include your student name and year of graduation.

Grace Christian School honor society ceremony in 2019

Foreign Exchange Students Welcome!

GCS is proud to welcome foreign exchange students through SEVIS.

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For more information, get in touch  with us at 304-522-8635.