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Help us replace the bleachers in the Denning Gymnasium.  Each new seat will be wider than before and provide additional leg room while also increasing the total number of seats available.  Every donation counts and is appreciated.  We have particular levels listed below you may consider.  Thank you so much!

Infinite Opportunities for Individuality & Growth

Grace Christian School class recital

Christian Lifestyle as a Student at GCS

Grace Christian School offers a unique educational experience that integrates Christian values and principles with Christian academics. Focused on providing a rigorous education rooted in faith, the school also offers a variety of opportunities and activities for students to explore. In addition to the excellent academics, students and families at Grace Christian School also benefit from a close-knit community because of our affiliation with Grace Gospel Church in Huntington, WV. For students looking for a Christian education, GCS is an excellent choice.

Elementary Opportunities

Being an elementary student at GCS is a rewarding experience. There are many opportunities to learn and have fun outside of the regular classroom schedule.

Art Classes

Grace Christian School offers weekly art classes to all elementary students beginning in pre-K. Students will learn and apply the seven essential elements of art, expanding their understanding of each element throughout their years in elementary art.

“Arts education is critical for helping students develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.” – Megan Chernin 

PE Classes

Physical health is so important. Time is set aside each week for elementary classes to head to the gym or outside to engage in exercise, learn how to play games like basketball and soccer, and have some fun!

At the end of each year, the elementary students come together to participate in Field Day. It’s a full day of friendly competition and healthy living.

Buddy League

Following the winter basketball season at Grace Christian School, we hold a highly anticipated season called Buddy League! Every student in grades three through eight can participate if they want to. Students are assigned to teams coached by upperclassmen. They battle it out in the regular season before tournament time when a final victor will be chosen!


Secondary Opportunities

GCS offers a plethora of opportunities to students of all ages, from camps to fine arts, athletics, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. The school places an emphasis on showing students how glad we are to have them! We have days dedicated to developing school spirit and better relationships with each other.

Academic Camp

Academic Camp is a time each year when secondary students and teachers take a break from the classroom to get outdoors, get to know each other, and get to know God a little better.

Grace Christian School mascot

Know God

A vital part of Academic Camp is sessions in God’s Word. Each year, a new speaker is brought in to challenge the student body and teachers to live a life of service to the Lord.

Have Fun

Fun and recreation are an important part of Academic Camp. The students participate in group activities and have free time to take part in various activities, like basketball or fishing.


Academic Camp performs a special role in helping develop school unity and school spirit early in the year.

Leadership Camp

Leadership camp is similar to Academic Camp in that it gives students time to develop relationships with others as well as their relationship with the Lord. However, it is very different in other ways. Leadership Camp is only open to juniors and seniors and lasts longer. It is usually held at Alpine Bible Camp in Beckley, and the focus of this conference is learning how to develop into Godly leaders. Alpine Camp also offers activities that would not be available at Academic Camp, like a rock climbing wall and bungee swing!

National Christian Honor Society

Exemplary high school students may qualify for the National Christian Honor Society through GCS. Students in the NCHS have above-average grades, demonstrate leadership qualities, and have commendable Christian characters.

National Piano Guild

The National Piano Guild is an opportunity for students to play for a nationally certified judge and earn a rating. Students earn a pin and a certificate for performing rather than competing with other students. They also earn membership in the Piano Guild for one year. Interested students should register through their piano teacher.

Student Council

The Student Council consists of the presidents and vice presidents from the ninth to 12th grade classes. These students serve to represent the student body to the administration and are involved in some decisions that affect the student body. The Student Council also organizes various activities for the student body, including pep rallies, the Soldier Games, student fun days, and more.

Opportunities for All Ages

Computer Classes

In a technology-saturated world, GCS understands the importance of proper training in basic computer skills as well as the proper Biblical approach to the use of technology. Courses are offered in Keyboarding, Microsoft Office, and Digital Citizenship. The elementary computer classes meet once a week.

Music Classes & Private Lessons

We are proud to offer a robust music program at GCS. From beginner music lessons for elementary-aged children to seniors, students have the opportunity to explore many musical avenues and take private lessons if they desire. Learn more about our music program here.

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