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Where Students Experience a Christian Curriculum

Recital at Grace Christian School

Our Unique, Christ-Centered Academic Program

Students receive an education unlike any other at Grace Christian School. They have the opportunity to experience a Christ-centered education, where they learn all of the major subjects and more but with an emphasis on God at the center of it. God is with us in all things, including math, science, and history. At GCS, we are proud to help students develop skills that will empower them for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to educate with a worldview and provide the tools to make integration into college, future careers, and adulthood more seamless. GCS is located in Huntington, WV, and is always accepting new students! Schedule a tour by calling 304-522-8635 and enroll your child at GCS for the next school year.

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Biblical Emphasis

With all that we do at GCS, we keep Jesus at the center. Although we encourage students to have their own thoughts, we also teach them about the Bible and the truth it holds. The results will last longer if the students come to the conclusion that following the Bible is the correct way of life on their own.

Every week, the elementary and the secondary gather separately for chapel. This is a time to delve deeper into God’s Word and see how it applies to our lives today. The services are led by different pastors in the area. It is a sweet time for the children to learn more about our God and sing His praises together.

God & I Time

Of the utmost importance in our lives is our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To demonstrate that priority and to foster a consistent relationship in the lives of our faculty and student body, time is set aside each day to spend quiet time with the Lord. At the end of the first hour each day, students and teachers alike set aside their texts, projects, homework, and grading and take their Bibles out. They spend time in prayer, reading different passages of Scripture, and journaling prayers or things that stood out to them.

Power Groups

About twice a month, students break out into small Bible study groups. Each group is led/supervised by a faculty member. These groups spend time eating together, praying together, and taking a deeper look into the Bible together. It is important that faculty members and students get a chance to get to know each other outside of the classroom. This gives us an opportunity to grow together as Christians and develop meaningful “iron sharpening iron” relationships across the schools.

Bible Classes

Every student has the opportunity to take a different Bible class every year they are a student. Beginning in pre-K, the Bible is a major theme in each classroom. By the time students reach secondary, one of their class periods each day is a dedicated Bible class. In the middle school years, students cover topics like “Practical Christian Living,” “The Life of Christ,” and “Old Testament Characters.” In high school, students take classes like “Bible Doctrines,” “Church History,” and “Apologetics.”

Established for Nearly 50 Years
Grace Christian School mascot

Academic Goals for GCS Students


  • Apply critical thinking skills
  • Use creative thinking skills
    Demonstrate ability to follow directions
  • Employ problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate competency in math, language, history, science, and Bible
  • Read and comprehend narrative and expository text at age/grade appropriate levels
  • Use computer skills
  • Adapt grade appropriate research tools (dictionaries, library, encyclopedia, internet search engines, keyboard skills, graphs, charts, map reading skills
  • Identify most effective methods of personal study and apply research tools to daily study


  • Show respect for the body and physical fitness
  • Use skills to the maximum potential
  • Improve physical fitness and health
  • Increased coordination and athleticism


  • Exhibit a genuine love for God
  • Exhibit a genuine love for others
  • Recognize the Bible as the authoritative source for our faith and practice
  • Demonstrate a desire to grow in both grace and knowledge of the Lord
  • Demonstrate obedience to the commands and principles found in the Word
  • Analyze local, national, and world events in light of God’s truth
  • Demonstrate a burden for the lost by sharing their faith
  • Show respect for the church through regular attendance
  • Show respect and appreciation for parents, teachers, and pastors, and rules
  • Choose to seek and follow God’s will for college


  • Demonstrate love the community through service
  • Demonstrate the ability to be friendly and make friends
  • Show appropriate confidence and humility in various situations
  • Appreciate the fine arts
  • Show love and respect for America
  • Exemplify respect, courtesy, work ethic, proper etiquette, etc.


There is never a dull moment in pre-K! The students are energetic and fascinated by everything. They are passionate about making friends, and our staff love facilitating the beginning of their school years with positivity and fun. We’d love for you and your family to come by for a tour! Call to schedule a time to stop in!

We Love Our Teachers


When students start at GCS they’re focused on building foundations with their friends and learning who God is. By the time they’re finished with the fifth grade, they’re well-rounded in math, science, Heritage Studies, Bible, English, spelling, and reading. They also participated in music, art, computer, and P.E. classes each week and have become prepared to get ready for middle school.

Grace Christian School Classroom


Our secondary program is a rigorous College Preparatory course of study. Students graduating from Grace Christian School are well-versed in all major subject fields. Additionally, they get a full four years of Bible and have the opportunities to take different electives in areas that interest them. Practice for the ACT is integrated into the curriculum of many classes, as well as an opportunity to take the PSAT as sophomores.

Grace Christian School secondary students

Many of our secondary classes use a Learning Management System called Canvas. Access it by clicking here: Canvas

The Bible is more than just another textbook at Grace Christian School. It is the context for our entire educational package. Biblical principles provide the framework for every subject we teach. In our Bible classes, we provide the information necessary for our students to develop a Biblical worldview. Everyone has a worldview based on their assumptions about our world and their place in it. We believe that the Bible provides the only undistorted lens through which an accurate worldview can be maintained.

In a technology-saturated world, Grace Christian School takes seriously the need for proper training in basic computer skills as well as a proper Biblical approach to the use of technology. Courses are offered in keyboarding, Microsoft Office, and Digital Citizenship.

The English courses at GCS strive for excellence in all areas of English and literature. We teach an in-depth grammar curriculum and address the etymology and rules of vocabulary. Students also study World, British, and American literature, as well as cover an assortment of classic novels.
God’s Work in redeeming us to Himself through Jesus Christ is the scope and purpose of history. Throughout history, we see God at work confronting people with Himself, who He is, and what He is doing to draw men and women to Him. God clearly demonstrates Himself as “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” Over and over again, history demonstrates the lengths to which God will go to give us the opportunity to come to Him and man’s response to that invitation. Jesus Christ is the central figure of history, and our relationship with Him is told throughout the narrative of history.

The Bible is concerned with numbers, and we know God is a God of order and reason. That orderliness and precision are demonstrated in the consistency of mathematical truths. Grace  Christian School strives to prepare its students academically for future math classes, college majors, and careers. Many vocations require sound mathematical knowledge, including those that wouldn’t typically be considered a career in math. 


Science is an incredible opportunity to learn more about the Creator of the universe. By learning about how God designed things, we not only learn more about who He is but also learn more reasons to stand in awe of Him. After a science survey course in sixth grade, Life Science in seventh grade, Earth Science in eighth grade, Physical Science in ninth grade, and Biology in tenth grade, students have the opportunity to take Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, and/or Dual Credit Biology courses through Marshall University.

With a fully functional lab, students also get the opportunity to learn hands-on science. From learning how to determine unknowns through systematic analyses to dissections or acid-base titrations, students have a number of opportunities to learn science through inquiry.


The study of a foreign language is useful and productive on many levels. The concepts, grammar, and vocabulary demand critical thinking and determined effort. Listening skills rise to a higher level, and students must learn to convert unfamiliar sounds and words for understanding. Spanish is like no other class; much information is presented with hands-on activities, such as manipulating plastic foods, acting out stories, making learning posters, blowing bubbles, and even writing their own books with photos they have taken. It’s truly an adventure to learn another language at GCS!

GCS Offers an Athletic Program


The secondary schedule at Grace Christian School is rich with opportunities to explore personal interests. Some of our electives fall under other departments, like our Honors Calculus, Honors Physics, and Honors Chemistry.

Students taking an elective class at Grace Christian School
Grace Christian School music program

The music program at GCS offers everything from piano competitions through WVMTA and the National Piano Guild to being introduced to recorders in fourth grade, joining the choir, or mastering an instrument. We have elementary music classes that incorporate singing, rhythm sticks, and other Orff instruments to allow students to create fun music. Fifth graders have the option to join the band, and middle school and high school students can be involved in both choir and band. This includes small ensembles as well as solos and large ensembles while participating in our fine arts competition. Throughout the years at GCS, students can also take various lessons on piano and band instruments. Our dedicated music faculty have over 80 years of combined music teaching experience and are qualified to help students achieve musical success.

The Fine Arts Program is Excellent


The speech program is designed to produce effective communicators. Students learn to think critically, speak with confidence, and use teamwork through a variety of speech opportunities both in class and in extracurricular activities. Because Jesus was the master communicator, Grace Christian School strives to encourage students to properly reflect the Biblical characteristics Christ displayed through teaching, inspiring, persuading, entertaining, and exhorting others.

“Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” Colossians 4:6.

Introduction to Education

Students at GCS can elect to take Introduction to Education. This gives them first-hand experience with the work teachers do. So much of a teacher’s job is done behind the scenes. This elective gives students the opportunity not only to be Christ-like servants but also to see if the work of a teacher is something they would be interested in doing someday.

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